1983 Mk1 Rabbit GTI

These are getting harder and harder to find especially in original condition. Has about 180k on it and it is said to have no rust. I absolutely love the OG snowflakes. Available in San Fran via The Samba

2004 Passat W8 Wagon 6-speed Sport AWD

This is basically a unicorn. A W8 4Motion wagon with manual transmission and low mileage at only 80k!? It also comes equipped with some tasteful aftermarket wheels and roof rack. Available in San Diego California via Craigslist

1991 Mercedes Benz 300TE

Really into this 91 Benz wagon. It's hard to find this car in this condition. Pretty low mileage at 127k and I'm into those monoblock wheels (also comes with og wheels with new tires) Available in Tampa Bay Florida via Craigslist


1990 Land Rover Range Rover SWB 300Tdi Diesel

This beauty has about 250k on the chassis and about 90k on the new engine. This truck is said to be in great working order inside and out. I love the fact that it's a diesel AND a manual. Available in BC Canada via Splendid Automobiles

2000 BMW 528i Wagon

This thing looks super clean for being a 15 year old wagon. Low mileage at 87k and the OG BBS wheels looking extra clean. Available in Colorado via Ebay